Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My First Story Time Ever

For my first story time ever my coworkers already had a very simple craft for selected for me.  My coworkers printed out pictures of pirates and princesses from microsoft clip art, had a page cut them out and handed out construction paper and glue sticks.  The kids made collages by glueing down the pictures.

From the get go my story time was something of a disaster.  The story part lasted only 10 minutes long.  Due to a large number of children arriving substantially late for many of the children there was technically no story time.  I also forgot the words to Mary Had A Little Lamb about half way through the song (when all the late arrivals showed up) and cut the rest of my planned songs in sheer panic.  I went back and forth about what books to read and how many.  I chose to read books that fit the craft theme:

Bubble Bath Pirates by Jarrett J. Krosoczka

Not All Princesses Dress in Pink by Jane Yolen & Heidi E. Stemple

Do Pirates Take Baths? by Kathy Tucker

In retrospect I should have had a fourth book ready just in case. In the future I would add The Paper Bag Princess by Robert N. Muncsh if I did a Pirate/Princess story time again.

I also realized after the story time that I have very specific feelings about princesses and how they should behave.  I also since then have made it a point to learn to let things like lateness fluster me less  and I have practiced all my children's songs.  The other librarians all told me stories about their first story times which were apparently also a disaster.  So if your first story time is a disaster, know that it will get better and that apparently almost every librarian's is!

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