Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Crafty Kids: Decoupage Frames

One Tuesday a month I run an evening craft program.  It is essentially a drop in although we do have a sign up for it.  It's listed as open to kids in first through fifth grade, however I am not terribly rigid with those rules.  If parents want their younger children to participate they are expected to stick around and help their younger children with the craft and if sixth graders want to do the craft they are expected to be respectful of the little ones.

For December's Crafty Kids (originally it was called Third Tuesday since it usually takes place the third Tuesday of the month, however after a scheduling mishap I suggested a name change) I decided to have the kids decorate frames that they could either keep for themselves or give to someone as a holiday gift.  Since attendance at this program varies greatly from month to month I wanted to use supplies that could be re purposed if they weren't all used up, so I had the kids decoupage their frames with origami paper, but you could also use old magazines or scrap booking paper.  Whatever is lying around that's pretty or cool.

1 Frame
Modge Podge
Foam Brush
Origami Paper

ribbon (optional)

1.  Each child gets a frame, some modge podge in a cup, foamy brush and at least two sheets of origami paper (you need minimum 2 sheets to cover an entire frame, if the child wants to use more than 2 patterns then they will need more than 2 sheets)

2.  Have the child plan out what they want to do and cut the origami paper into appropriate sized pieces.  They will want to cover the front and the edges.

3.  Coat a section of the frame in a thin layer of modge podge, then place the origami paper onto that section and smooth out any wrinkles or creases before that section dries.  Then move on to the next section.

4.  Once the entire frame is covered in the origami paper paint another thin layer over all the paper to seal the frame. (See optional step 5) Then let dry.

5. (Optional I've only done this step when I was running the program with teens and tweens as a drop in as it feels a little bit finicky for smaller fingers.) After you have painted a thin layer of modge podge all over the paper, take a piece of ribbon and wrap it around the edges of the frame. Paint another thin layer of modge podge over the ribbon and let dry.

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