Sunday, January 10, 2010

Strange Angels by Lili St.Crow

Since I am starting the second Strange Angels book Betrayal today, I thought I would post my review of the first book to refresh my memory regarding the story.

Dru and her father have been traveling the country exterminating paranormal bad guys for a long time. Since she has never been in one place for long, she doesn't really know anyone or have any friends in the area or any area really. Dru's father disappears and because of the way they have lived, she doesn't really have anyone to turn to. Until Graves, a new school mate takes interest in her. He is also now alone in the world.

Dru and Graves have an adventure in which they both become more then they ever imagined and barely escape with their lives. Now they are off to a school for people like them. Dru and Graves are great characters and I think that's what really kept me interested in the book. The way they interact with each other and how they tick kept me interested.

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