Sunday, January 10, 2010

Magic Under Glass

Nim is asked by Hollin Parry, a wealthy sorcerer to come live in his house and sing with an automaton. Sick of her life making next to no money as a "trouser girl" performing in a bar, she decides to go. Parry tells her that previous singers have claimed the automaton haunted, but Nimira's life has been extremely difficult and she is unwilling to give up easily. The automaton isn't haunted but it isn't quite normal either, and Hollin Parry's home is not all that it seems either.

The story was interesting and fast paced, and ended on somewhat of a cliffhanger, so there will most likely be a sequel. There are a lot of strong characters that catch the attention of the reader, however I wish there had been more background on some characters, such as Miss Rashton and what the spirits had on her and how she was able to contact Mr. Smollings so quickly. I was also unable to figure out where the title came from. I am sure I just missed it some how, but if anyone knows please let me know cause it's driving me nuts.

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