Friday, January 8, 2010

Laini Taylor's Lips Touch: Three Times

This is a book of three short stories that each include at least one important kiss. While the stories are definitely lovely and well written the real treasure in this book is the illustrations. Before each story is a series of illustrations which serve as almost a prologue to the story. Each series of illustrations tells it's own story that is further explained in the writing that follows it. The illustrations are all in shades of gray and pink and they are breathtaking. The people in the illustrations are just incredibly expressive.

The stories are beautiful and heartbreaking in their own right as well. Each tale revolves around a mortal girl's experiences with love and the pain it brings, and all of the tales involve paranormal creatures, however they are each very different. In Goblin Fruit Kizzy risks everything for love and the feeling of being wanted. The women in Spicy Little Curses Such as these go to Hell and back to keep their loves. Hatchling, the longest tale features both new, young love and a love almost older then time. This is definitely well worth reading, even if you aren't a fantasy reader.


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