Friday, January 8, 2010


So it turns out that the day I start my new blog is the day that Bloggiesta starts. Since I just started this blog, I am not really sure what kind of goals I should have. I would just like to get the hang of posting reviews this weekend, so I think I might post some old book reviews from my GoodReads account just to practice. Other goals will be added as I think of them.

I happened to finish two books this weekend so I posted those and added one old review since I am reading the follow up to that book now.


  1. Well - glad you joined in on Bloggiesta! This may be good timing. Have fun!

  2. Well welcome!! Glad to have you. And good luck with your new blog.

  3. So happy to find your blog through Bloggiesta! You're doing great with posting and the blog is super cute (I'm obsessed with people's headers!). I look forward to seeing more of what you post!