Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Betrayals by Lili St.Crow

In this book in the Strange Angels series Dru and Graves are at Schola, but nothing is going the way Dru thought it would. Dru is very isolated because of both her sex and because no one seems to be training her. Christian has pretty much just dumped them there and while Graves is assimilating really well, Dru is just left in the cold. Eventually when it becomes clear that there is definitely a traitor high in the ranks Dru, Graves and some new friends are forced to flee.

Dru spends the first half of the book being extremely introspective, which is fine excpet that whenever she comes close to trying to deal with the things that have happened to her, she backs off. This kind of leaves Dru stuck in a rut.

Graves on the other hand is changing quite a bit, but since this seems to involve him spending less time with Dru and the story is told from Dru's point of view, we miss out on that character development as well.

There are some interesting new characters like Dibs and Shanks, I hope we see all of them develop further. About half way through the book really picks through and I can't wait to see what develops next. I don't want to spoil anything but trust me, the end picks up; the slow beginning is worth it

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