Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ooku The Inner Sanctum by Fumi Yoshinaga

What a phenomenal concept. In fuedal era Japan, men have died off to only a quarter of their numbers from a mysterious plague. Women now do everything that men did, including run the country. The changes in how society is run and how people behave just kept me entranced. The illustrations are great and I always really love Fumi's characters, they are just so likable.

Each volume follows different characters and shows how these changes have affected their lives. The first volume gives a brief explanation of how society has been changed by the plague and then follows Yunoshin as he joins the Ooku, the inner sanctum in the shoguns home. Unfortunately that means Yunoshin from the first volume will not be returning as a main character, but I know he will be replaced with new interesting characters. I really loved Nobu, she is a very fair and interesting ruler and most likely one of the few characters that will return.

The second volume (which I am about half way through) follows the beginning of the change over of how society is run extremely closely. I can't wait to find out how the fact that women were basically running the country became an acknowledged fact in Japan.

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