Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Crafty Kids Styrofoam Cup Snowman

For January's Crafty Kids I decided to plan a Snowman Craft mainly because I wanted to do one before winter was over.  I did a google image search and found a ton of different versions of this craft.  I ended up creating an amalgamation by taking various components from several different images.

Styrofoam Cup Snowman

2 Styrofoam Cups
2 Googly Eyes
1 orange pipe cleaner
1 large brown pipe cleaner or 2 small brown pipe cleaners
1 other half size pipe cleaner
2 pomm pomms
6-8 black paper dots  OR black construction paper
3 or 4 sequins
1 strip of felt, long enough to wrap around cup and double knot
Glue Stick

1.  Fold 3 fingers into the end of each of your brown pipe cleaners.  Stick them into the sides of one of your styrofoam cups.  Inside the cup bend the ends and use a small piece of tape to keep them stuck in place.  This will be your snowman bottom

2.  Fold your orange pipe cleaner, leaving one side slightly longer.   Twist your pipe cleaner together.  This will be your carrot nose.  Stick it into the middle of one side of the other styrofoam cup.  This will be your carrot nose.  Bend the pipe cleaner on the inside and use a piece of tape to keep it in place.  Glue the googly eyes over the carrot nose.  

3.  Take your final pipe cleaner and bend it into a U-Shape.  Stick each end on one side of the snowman so that the U goes over what was the bottom of the cup and the carrot is more or less in the middle.  Make small bends in the pipe cleaner on the inside of the cup and use a piece of tape to hold them in place.  Glue pom poms on each side of the pipe cleaner.  These are your earmuffs.

4.  Glue sequins down the front of the bottom half for buttons.

5.  Glue black paper dots on the front for a mouth.

6.  Glue the top and bottom cups together.

7.  Tie the piece of felt around the cups gently over the seam of the cups.  Cut some fringe in to the ends to create a scarf.

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