Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May in Review

So I haven't had a chance to read as much as I've wanted to this month and I still lose the thread of posting but I figure it could be worse. Challenge-wise I am pretty much where I was last month but I've been reading a ton on my kindle so I kind of wish I had signed up for the e-books challenge.

Here's this month's books and where they came from, everything is linked to goodreads so you can add it to your to be read list. All reviews are forthcoming:

1. Excaliber The Legend of King Arthur by Tony Lee & Sam Hart (Illustrator) (library book)
2. The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group by Catherine Jinx (e book from netgalley)
3. Sleeping Beauty: Vampire Slayer by Maureen McGowan (e book from netgalley)
4. The Strange Case of Finley Jayne by Kady Cross (ebook from amazon)
5. Tricked by Alex Robinson (library book)
6. The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross (ebook from netgalley)

What did you read in May?

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