Friday, November 6, 2009

Road Trip!!!

In a couple of weeks I plan on going on a road trip with my friends down to Philadelphia for Roller Derby nationals (woo hoo). One of my favorite sites to check before I go anywhere is Atlas Obscura. Atlas Obscure is a website that lists all of the weird, strange, beautiful things and places that only the locals know about.

Heading to Philadelphia like I am? Then you might want to check out the Sonorous Stones in Ringing Rocks Park. The Stones in Ringing Rocks Park create a clear bell type tone when struck with a hammer. According to the site, not all of the stones create tones that can be heard by the human ear, but they do all create a tone. To add to the aura of this incredible geological wonder, why the stones create this tone is still unknown.

The Atlas Obscura covers places in numerous countries on all seven continents. If you are in Germany you should check out the Waldspirale, an incredible apartment complex designed by Austrian artist and architect Friedenshreich Hundertwasser, full of life, literally. The apartment complex has trees and other greenery built into it.

The user can search by place or type of attraction and the site is full of interactive maps. Check it out before your next trip or just because.

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